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July 20, 2022

4 Symptoms of Volkswagen Transmission Issues

The most demanding drivers who prioritize comfort, reliability, quality, and attention paid to detail find pleasure in driving a Volkswagen. Although this popular brand has a unique position in the market, owners of its various models may experience transmission issues due to the car’s complex mechanical system. If your Volkswagen is stuck in gear, shifts hard, or is no longer shifting, you should take it to an expert in Volkswagen repair in Davie, FL.

a green classic vehicle needing Volkswagen Repair in Davie FL

What Are the Common Volkswagen Transmission Problems?

Weird Noises

Since a transmission comprises hundreds of parts, a single bearing or a worn case can make unusual noises. While these strange sounds can be extremely annoying, they ultimately lead to transmission failure. Bad automatic transmissions produce humming, buzzing, or whining sounds. Alternatively, faulty manual transmissions make harsher clunking noises. If you hear unusual sounds coming from your car’s transmission while you shift gears, you should get it checked out by a specialist.

Lack of Response

You have transmission trouble if your car hesitates or refuses to go into gear while driving. Since automatic transmissions should execute a smooth shift between Park and any gear, a delay indicates a glitch. The lack of response in manual transmissions is usually associated with a clutch issue.

Neutral is Noisy

Does your transmission thump when it’s in neutral? This sign indicates the need for adding more fluid. If you still experience noisy transmission in neutral, you may need to change the fluid and check for worn parts such as reverse idler gear, worn-out gear teeth, or bearings.

However, taking your car to a specialty repair shop is best to ensure a cost-effective solution to your transmission problem.

Leaking Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates transmission parts to reduce friction and prevent overheating. If your transmission operates with low fluid due to leaks, it’s only a matter of time before you experience transmission breakdown. If you spot a bright red liquid underneath your car, have your vehicle checked right away.

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Take Your Car to an Expert in Volkswagen Repair in Davie, FL!

At Eurotech Motorsports, we make fair and quality Volkswagen repairs. If you’re ready to experience premier service for your vehicle with unfailing standards of excellence, contact us today to make an appointment.

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