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December 2, 2022

Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Mercedes

Mercedes Benz cars are a must-have for people that love elegance and high performance. However, behind their sleek design and fast speeds lies a complex system vulnerable to poor owner practices. Here’s what you should avoid doing to make your vehicle go longer without needing Mercedes repair in Davie, FL. 

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Habits That Will Land Your Mercedes in a Repair Shop

Shifting into Reverse Without Stopping

If you’re moving forward with your Mercedes and go in reverse without stopping or slowing down, you send your car mixed signals, damaging your transmission, clutch, and engine. Suddenly hitting the brakes at a stop sign has similar results and shortens the lifespan of your luxury car. 

Carrying a Lot of Weight

Many people believe there’s no such thing as overloading a top-quality car. Yet, by paying no mind to the amount of stuff your Mercedes can carry, you expose your suspension and transmission to wear and tear, and you’ll also have to change your tires often. 

Resting Your Hand on Your Gearstick

Not only should you keep both hands on the wheel to be a better driver, but also to avoid resting it on the gearstick of your Mercedes. This damaging habit exerts pressure on the selector fork, forcing it to constantly come into contact with the rotating collar and hurting both auto parts.  

Missing Maintenance Services

Finally, taking your Mercedes for regular check-ups at least twice a year is vital to keeping your luxury car in tip-top shape. Some car issues are undetectable and not signaled by warning lights or sounds. If you skip maintenance and repair services, it can take a toll on your car’s performance and make it less safe for you to drive and reach high speeds. 

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Looking for Mercedes Repair Services in Davie, FL?

If your bad habits have already damaged your Mercedes, our team of professional mechanics can return it to its best self. Feel free to book an appointment today! 

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