Rolls Royce Repair Davie FL 
May 20, 2021

Dashboard Lights Explained

It doesn’t matter if you’re in dire need of more information about the most common Rolls Royce repair issues in Davie, FL, or the warning lights on your luxury vehicle’s dashboard. Educating yourself about car maintenance and repairs can spell the difference between a gut-wrenching breakdown and a smooth ride.  

Rolls Royce Repair Davie FL 

Top Questions Asked About Car Dash Lights

Why Do They Come In Different Colors?

The severity of your car problem is denoted by the color of each symbol on your car dash. Seeing blue or green lights isn’t a cause for alarm because they only mean that a system in your vehicle is active. For instance, these colors tell you that your lights are on.  

However, seeing orange symbols lighting up means that one or more of your vehicle’s systems aren’t working the way they should. Although the risk of serious damage isn’t likely, you should have your car checked by a trusted mechanic.   

On the other hand, you should never ignore red symbols because these imply possible system failures or critical alerts that require immediate attention.  

Why Are My Car Dash Lights Not Working?

Your console should show lights when you turn your key in the starter or after ignition. If it doesn’t, you may be dealing with a blown fuse. If such is the case, you should have it replaced right away since you’ll need these lights while you’re driving. 

However, if this doesn’t solve your problem, you’ll have to enlist the help of a Rolls Royce repair specialist who has the skill and the tools to identify and repair larger electrical issues. 

What Is the Most Dangerous Car Dash Light?

As mentioned, every red light shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, you know that you’re potentially dealing with serious or irreparable damage when you see the engine temperature light on.  

Rolls Royce Repair Davie FL


Looking for a Rolls Royce Repair Specialist in Davie, FL?

At Eurotech Motorsports, you can expect us to provide the same precision in our assessments and servicing as the manufacturer’s engineering. Contact us today to make your first appointment. 

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