BMW wheel at a BMW performance shop in Davie FL
March 14, 2023

How to Improve the Performance of a BMW Engine

A BMW car might be perfect for you if you love high speeds and elegant cars. With their sleek designs and top performance, these German vehicles have earned the respect and love of countless car fanatics worldwide. If you’re a proud BMW owner, you can learn a few tricks to make your engine more powerful than ever. A repair shop in Davie, FL, explains how the performance of your BMW can improve if you check the ignition, choose high-quality fluids, and adopt other practices. 

BMW engine in a BMW performance shop in Davie FL


Tips for Optimal BMW Engine Performance

Check the Ignition

Every time you start your car, your battery’s coils generate power to ignite the spark plugs and, in turn, the fuel inside the combustion chamber. If any of these components breaks or gets damaged, your engine misfires, and the performance pays the price. Make sure to check the ignition as soon as you notice any problems to avoid ruining your BMW for good.

Make Your Vehicle Lighter

Sometimes, the most effective solution to fix a slow car lies in plain sight. By getting rid of any extra weight, your engine doesn’t have to work twice as hard to reach and maintain high speeds. Next time you go for a drive, double-check for stuff on your backseats and trunk and take out removable seats.

Choose High-Quality Fluids

If you want to optimize your BMW’s engine performance, try to spend an extra dollar on good-quality car fluids. Feeding your car with clean, premium products enhances fuel efficiency, produces fewer emissions, and makes your vehicle go faster.

Never Skip Maintenance Services

Getting your car serviced every 12,000 miles or once a year keeps your BMW away from destructive issues, which optimizes engine performance in the long run. 

BMW engine in a BMW performance shop in Davie FL

Do You Want to Assess the Performance of Your BMW?

If you want to take full advantage of your engine, our team can help you enhance the performance of your BMW. Contact us today to book an appointment! 

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