BMW Repair Davie FL
May 3, 2021

Signs of Misalignment in Your BMW

Do you drive a BMW to get from point A to point B and all the other points in between? Unless you make sure that you keep up with your luxury vehicle’s proper maintenance and service, you can’t expect it to run in its best condition. One of the most common issues that requires BMW repair in Davie, FL is misalignment. If misalignment is left unaddressed, it can seriously affect the other parts of your vehicle.

BMW Repair Davie FL

What Are the Common Signs of Misalignment in Your BMW?

Your Car is Drifting to One Side

You’ll know that your BMW is drifting to one side when you need to exert a lot of effort into keeping your car in the lane while you’re driving. To find out if drifting is taking place, simply perform a test in a parking lot or any area that’s safe and sparsely populated.

Drive at low speed before taking your hands slightly off the steering wheel. If your vehicle substantially drifts to the other side, this means that your wheels are misaligned.

Your Car Moves After You Hit a Bump in the Road

A properly aligned vehicle is able to quickly react to jerks. One of the most glaring signs of misalignment is when your BMW doesn’t easily straighten back out after you hit a pothole or a bump in the road. Wheel misalignment makes it more challenging for you to steer your car back on track.

Your Car Has Unevenly-Worn Tires

Another sure sign of misalignment is when you notice that your BMW has unevenly worn tires. Since the weight isn’t evenly distributed, don’t be surprised if your vehicle sits heavily on one side. If left unaddressed, one of your tires will wear out at a quicker rate because it bears more weight than the others.

BMW Repair Davie FL

Looking for BMW Repair in Davie, FL?

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