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March 23, 2022

Top Questions Asked About a BMW’s HVAC Blower 

Your BMW is a high-performance vehicle that comes with an exceptional climate control feature through its HVAC system. If you’ve noticed that your HVAC blower isn’t working as it should, you should take it to a certified BMW performance shop in Davie, FL. Be sure to get it fixed before you find yourself freezing in your car in the winter or stuck sweating it out in the summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About a BMW’s HVAC Blower

What Does It Do?

Your vehicle’s HVAC blower is responsible for blowing air from the HVAC system through the vents to heat or cool down your cabin. More importantly, it’s there to provide you and your passengers with a comfortable ride.

What Are the Signs of HVAC Blower Failure?

You’ll likely notice several warning signs before your HVAC blower fails. Recognizing these symptoms and reporting them to a trusted BMW specialist will help them diagnose the problem and fix it. The most common signs of HVAC blower failure in a BMW include the following:

Airflow Functions at One Speed or Setting

Under normal circumstances, airflow should function at multiple speeds. You may be dealing with a failing HVAC blower if it only works at one low speed or setting. This issue can be an inconvenience when the temperatures outside of your vehicle require a drastic temperature change inside your car.

 A Lack of Airflow

The lack of airflow from the vents is a common sign of HVAC blower failure. When this happens, you won’t feel the air in your car’s interior getting hot or cold as desired.

What Are the Common Causes of HVAC Blower Failure?

Manufacture Error

Although BMW may have high standards for its vehicles, faulty parts may somehow make it out to the dealership lot.

Wear and Tear

Exposure to the elements and consistent use eventually wears out your car’s components over time.

Failure in Blower Motor Relay

Your HVAC system’s blower motor regulates the blower itself. When your car’s electrical components fail, the motor fails, and the blower won’t be able to blow air through the vents.

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Looking for the Best BMW Performance Shop in Davie, FL?

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