Where can I find Ferrari Repair Davie FL?
October 12, 2020

Top Repair Issues for the Ferrari F430

Do you own a Ferrari F430? If you do, then you understand the thrill and excitement of driving your car down an empty strip of road! With this model being an improved version of the Ferrari 360 model, owners still get the exhilarating experience that comes with the beautiful Ferrari brand – and then some. Unfortunately, these Italian supercars have a lot of common repair issues that may involve visiting a shop for Ferrari repair in Davie FL.

Where can I find Ferrari Repair Davie FL?

What are the Top Two Ferrari F430 Repair Issues?

Exhaust Brackets and Manifolds that Crack

Unfortunately, a large number of Ferrari F430 owners experience issues with their car’s exhaust brackets or exhaust manifolds. In case you’re not aware, the F430 manifold’s tendency to crack is a known design flaw. This problem usually takes place when the exhaust gives off high levels of heat while the car’s exhaust system is expanding and contracting.

Furthermore, stress is placed on the brackets and the exhaust manifolds due to the F430’s solid exhaust mounting brackets along with its heating and cooling cycle that remains constant. Over time, this will cause the car’s exhaust support brackets to crack and make loud metallic sounds.

Because the exhaust manifolds have a pre-cat in them, owners can expect serious issues with the engine once these exhaust manifolds crack. It’s important to note that cracked exhaust manifolds require costly repairs.

Motor Mounts that Fail

The Ferrari F430 may be one of the most beautiful cars in the world, but its motor mounts are prone to failure. You can tell that the motor mounts have failed when you can feel vibrations coming from the engine bay. You should also be wary if you see your car’s engine move around more than it’s supposed to. The high temperature inside the engine bay plus the engine’s vibration can cause this problem.

Where can I find Ferrari Repair Davie FL?

Looking for a Ferrari Repair Specialist in Davie FL?

A special vehicle needs the care and attention of a qualified specialist. Contact Eurotech Motorsports today to book your appointment!

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