Illustration of Mini Cooper repair in Davie FL
December 5, 2022

What Makes a Mini Cooper Such a Safe Car?

Mini Coopers look adorable with their compact British-inspired design while being a symbol of speed and class. Car fanatics are aware that this luxury car is also family-friendly due to its many safety features. According to repair experts in Davie, FL, the following characteristics make Mini Coopers pass safety tests with flying colors. 

Illustration of Mini Cooper repair in Davie FL

Mini Cooper Features That Protect You

Active Brakes

With this brake, your Mini Cooper knows if you’re about to collide against other vehicles or surfaces, warns you immediately, and prepares the car for an emergency stop. Therefore, you’ll have a lower chance of crashing and hurting yourself and your luxury car. 

Cruise Control

Aside from active brakes, Mini Coopers have cruise control to keep the speed of your car within safe limits and control the amount of fuel you use while you drive. This feature will also help you stay within a safe distance from other vehicles when you’re on the road. 

Crash Sensor System

Mini Coopers are also equipped with a protective system that reacts in case of an accident by unlocking the doors and activating all the passengers’ airbags and frame-mounted safety bars. This feature will protect you and your loved ones in dangerous situations. 

Head-Up Display

Many drivers are unaware of the state of their car while driving, but Mini Cooper owners don’t have this problem due to their head-up display. By showing driving instructions and the vehicle’s speed on the windshield, you’ll learn the best course of action when you’re behind the wheel and avoid any accidents. 

Dashboard Mini Cooper repair in Davie FL

Does You Need Mini Cooper Repair in Davie, FL?

Active brakes, cruise control, a crash sensor system, and a head-up display are only some of the qualities that make your Mini Cooper a great, safe vehicle. If these or any other features of your car need repairs, don’t hesitate to contact our team to make an appointment! 

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