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October 10, 2022

What Makes Bentleys Go So Fast?

Bentleys set a bar high when talking about cars that perfectly combine speed and elegance. One of the brand’s models, the Continental GT Speed, can reach speeds of up to 208 miles per hour: an experience any average car fanatic would be thrilled to have. 

Learn more about the features that are helping Bentley achieve these insane speeds and why expert Bentley service Davie FL is necessary to maintain the condition of these super cars.  

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Greater Engine Size

Bentley has optimized the capacity of its engines to reach an astounding six liters capacity. When the motor has a greater volume, it means that there is essentially more fuel at hand to use. Since faster speeds call for more gasoline, Bentleys have this feature optimized as an essential part of their models. 

Engines of such volume and complexity call for maintenance by an expert mechanic. 

More Cylinders

Increasing the number of cylinders in an engine is also crucial if you want a car to achieve high speeds. Cylinders are responsible for turning fuel into power; the higher the number of cylinders in an engine, the faster they can burn gasoline and propel a vehicle. 

Bentleys have mastered this feature by having up to twelve cylinders per engine. 

Many Valves Per Cylinder 

Valves function as small doors controlling the flow of gasses through an engine’s cylinders. Bentley models tend to have up to four valves per cylinder, which causes an airflow increase and, in turn, gives the engine more power to achieve top speeds. 

All-wheel Steering

All-wheel steering allows all wheels to move in the same direction simultaneously. This characteristic makes for a more agile vehicle that can react quickly and without slowing down while providing stability on the road. 

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