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October 14, 2020

Common European Car Repair Issues that Require Expertise

If you love your European car, you wouldn’t take it to just any mechanic. Paying low fees or having the shop conveniently located next to your building isn’t important to you. If you’re dealing with import auto repair issues in Davie FL, you will probably take your girl to a reputable European car repair shop to be worked on by qualified experts.

where can I find european car repair davie fl

What are the Common European Car Repair Issues that Require Expertise?

Problems with the Rear Window Regulator

Does your rear car window refuse to go up after it goes down? Do you hear weird sounds coming from the area when you press said window button? If you said yes to both questions, your window regulator is probably broken. This issue is extremely common for BMW and Saab owners. 

Coolant Leakage

You know that your coolant is leaking by the coolant light on your dashboard. This usually happens when your coolant tank expands, developing a hairline crack. If this is not the issue, a hairline separation may also be present in your coolant reservoir.

Ignoring a coolant leakage can potentially short your car’s electrical system.

Oil Leakage

The BMW 325i has a gasket that’s located right where the filter-assembly is attached to the car engine. When the oil drips from the gasket and onto the car’s exhaust, you may smell something burning. Next, you’ll likely see thick white smoke coming from the tailpipe or the hood.

Failed Fan Blower Resistor

You can tell that the resistor of your fan blower has failed when the fan blower motor continues to run after your car is off.  In some cases, it even drains the car’s battery and you’ll need a jump to get going again.   

where to find european car repair davie fl

Looking for an Import Auto Repair Expert in Davie FL?

If you’ve experienced any of these issue, visit Eurotech Motorsports to put an end to the misery!

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