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October 25, 2021

Mercedes Ignition Issues You Should Know About

Anyone who wishes to experience exceptional luxury and vehicle performance should get a Mercedes. If you already own one, you’re probably overall pleased with your investment. However, just like any other machine, it will require Mercedes repair in Davie, FL, at some point.

Although recent technological developments have replaced ignition keys with keyless entries, key fobs, and remotes, you may still be experiencing some of the symptoms of a faulty ignition. Since several factors lead to malfunctioning ignition keys, it’s crucial to understand the technology your vehicle uses to allow the key to work. We’ve pulled together the most common ignition issues that Mercedes owners experience.

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What You Need to Know About Mercedes Ignition Issues

Inconsistency in Function

Newer Mercedes models use smart entry systems that control access to the vehicle without using traditional mechanical keys. If your car comes with a key fob, you should know that these tiny remote controls can lose battery life, may require reprogramming, or become worn-out. An inconsistent and unreliable key fob warrants a visit to a certified expert in European car technology.

Alternatively, owners of older Mercedes models use manual ignition keys for starting, entering, and locking their vehicles. In some cases, they may encounter difficulty with the key’s ability to unlock the doors or efficiently start the ignition. If your car key is worn out, you should replace it right away.

Reduced Remote Signal Distance

A need for reprogramming or loss of battery life can cause a key fob and ignition key to malfunction when used at remote distances. If your key only works when you’re close to your Mercedes, you should have a European automotive specialist look at it.

Faulty Ignition Switch

You can still encounter ignition-related problems even if your key or key fob doesn’t have any issues. If your Mercedes’ ignition key still isn’t working even after you’ve had it replaced or reprogrammed, you may be dealing with a faulty ignition switch.

A defective ignition switch usually exhibits other symptoms such as difficulty starting the engine, stalling, or the inability to direct power to your accessories console or interior cabin lights.

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Do You Need Mercedes Repair Services in Davie, FL?

At Eurotech Motorsports, we specialize in European exotic cars and offer factory-standard repairs and part replacement, routine maintenance, and restorations. If you’re ready to schedule your appointment for automotive care, call us now!

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