car needing Audi Repair in Davie FL
September 19, 2022

Modifications That Hurt Your Car’s Performance

Since car owners spend billions of dollars each year on aftermarket parts, it’s safe to say that car customization is a booming business. While modifications can cost a lot of money, most can adversely affect the vehicle’s performance. In some cases, luxury car owners who modify their vehicles need Audi repair in Davie, FL.

car needing Audi Repair in Davie FL

What Are the Modifications That Can Hurt My Car’s Performance?

Cheap Body Kits

A body kit consists of bumpers, skirts, spoilers, bonnets, and scoops installed when modifying vehicles. These once-popular modifications have faded from the aftermarket car parts scene because most of them make cars less aerodynamic.

Most body kits are made of cheap polyurethane that cracks easily and decreases the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and value. Since these substandard modifications rarely fit correctly, they usually leave ugly gaps between the vehicles’ bumpers and the rest of their body panels.

Oversized Rims

Some car owners think that oversized rims look cool. Unfortunately, they can significantly change a vehicle’s uniquely designed suspension geometry. For this reason, giant rims often cause cars to handle poorly whenever they perform a rapid lane change or maneuver around a pothole or any obstacle in the road.

Negative Chamber

Car owners who prefer easy top-speed cornering often decide to customize their camber. Although a negative camber enhances car handling and turns, its angle wheel setup reduces the linear speed and causes damage to the tires. Moreover, too much negative camber on car wheels can lock the steering or brakes.

Stiff Springs

Springs are critical components of a car’s suspension system because they hold up its weight and cargo. They also provide comfort to the passengers as they allow the wheels to move up and down with minimal impact on the chassis and the rest of the vehicle. While stiffer springs can make a car more responsive to the driver, they don’t adapt well to road irregularities because they have less grip.

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