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February 23, 2022

Is My Air Suspension Failing? 

There’s nothing like cruising down the highway in a Mercedes Benz that’s built to perform. However, as soon as you notice that your ride isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, you may be dealing with a failing air suspension. It’s best to take your luxury vehicle to an expert in Mercedes repair in Davie, FL.

a luxury car needing Mercedes Repair in Davie FL

Signs Your Air Suspension is Failing

Your Compressor Keeps Running

Your vehicle’s air suspension system has a heart, and it’s called a compressor. When it runs more than it’s supposed to or when it becomes overworked, your compressor can wear out over time.

Under normal circumstances, it keeps the system’s airbags inflated. If it doesn’t stop running even after the airbags reach the appropriate air pressure, your airbag is leaking.

Have a certified professional check the condition of your airbag. If a hole is causing the leak, they’ll tell you to change the airbag. However, if there’s nothing wrong with the airbag, they’ll suggest replacing your compressor with a new air suspension kit.

Your Vehicle Is Sagging

Besides supporting the weight of your vehicle, your air suspension system’s airbags and coil springs cushion energy from road bumps to give you a smooth and level ride. If these components get damaged or worn down, your vehicle will sit lower to the ground.

Although the compressor may still lift the car to the correct height, it won’t build enough pressure to counter the car’s weight. Unless you take your vehicle to a European auto repair shop, this problem can wreak havoc on your car’s overall performance.

You’ll Experience a Less-Than-Comfortable Ride

When the airbags, springs, and shock absorbers in your suspension system wear out over time, they won’t be able to absorb road energy. As a result, you’ll experience a rougher ride when you’re driving on bumpy roads. A certified auto technician will check the rubber seals inside the springs for signs of wear, the airbags for cracks, and the shock absorbers for damage so you can have them replaced as needed.

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Looking for an Expert in Mercedes Repair in Davie, FL?

When it comes to the care of your Mercedes-Benz,  Eurotech Motorsports offers what you need. Call now to make an appointment.

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