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April 20, 2022

Signs of Piston Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore 

Since your Audi is one of your prized possessions, you should be aware of any common maintenance issues. Although some of these issues may require Audi repair in Davie, FL, they shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this classic piece of automotive machinery.

Piston damage is one of the most common problems Audi owners should know about. If left unaddressed, this problem can wreak havoc on your engine and reduce vehicle performance.

a black luxury car needing an Audi Repair in Davie FL

Signs You Have Faulty Pistons

Piston Ring Failure

Besides being responsible for sealing the gap between your car’s piston and cylinder, your piston rings regulate the oil that lubricates the cylinder and conducts away heat. When your piston rings wear out or break down, you’ll have to brace yourself for devastating results.

The most common causes of piston ring failure include:

  • Improper piston dimensions
  • Incorrect installation
  • Fuel flooding
  • Worn ring groove
  • Abrasive particles in the soil
  • Inadequate combustion of your fuel/air mixture
  • Chips left after machining or reconditioning your engine

You’re dealing with piston ring failure if you experience these symptoms:

  • Reduced engine power
  • Excessive consumption of lubricating oil
  • Engine overheating
  • Thick, bluish, gray, or white smoke coming out of the exhaust
  • Loss of acceleration

Piston Head Damage

Since the piston head works in a scorching environment, it becomes vulnerable to damage. When a detonation in the combustion chamber occurs or when a valve falls on the piston head, you’ll experience symptoms such as the following:

Furthermore, the usual causes of piston head damage are:

  • Installation of the wrong piston type
  • Incorrect piston dimensions
  • Fuel flooding
  • Detonation
  • Wrong fuel grade
  • Faulty cooling system
  • Broken valves
  • Faulty cylinder head parts
  • Carbon deposits

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Looking for an Expert in Audi Repair in Davie, FL?

Whether you’re dealing with a piston ring failure or piston head damage, you’ll want to take your luxury vehicle to an expert in Audi repair. At Eurotech Motorsports, we offer factory-standard repairs and part replacement, routine maintenance, and restorations for European cars. Schedule your appointment for automotive care now!

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