Audi Repair Davie FL
August 23, 2021

What Are the Top Causes of Engine Misfiring?

Staying on top of maintenance can be challenging for many car-owners. However, if you have the luxury of driving an Audi, the last thing you want is to bring your luxury vehicle to the automotive shop for Audi repair in Davie, FL. One red flag that signals a much larger problem is engine misfiring.

Audi Repair Davie FL

What Are the Top Causes of Engine Misfiring?

Transmission Issues

In most cases, transmission issues are often the main cause of various types of performance-related problems in Audi vehicles. If your engine misfires and you feel that something’s not right with your car’s shifting, your transmission could be the source of the problem. Whether transmission issues are the culprit of engine misfiring or merely collateral damage of the shifting problem, you should have your Audi checked right away.

Ignition System Issues

Your car’s engine won’t fire without an ignition system that initiates the combustion process. If your ignition system isn’t working as it should, an imbalance in the fuel/air ratio takes place. Engine misfiring related to your Audi’s ignition system can be caused by the following.

  • Defective distributor caps
  • Ignition cable wear or failure
  • Ignition coil wear or failure
  • Spark plug wear or failure

The Fuel-to-Air Ratio is Incorrect

While problems with your car’s ignition system cause incorrect fuel-to-air mixture in the combustion chamber, you should also get your fuel system and sensors checked when your engine starts to misfire. Other possible reasons why the fuel-to-air ratio is off include oxygen sensor failure or damage, a clogged or dirty fuel filter, or fuel pump failure.

The Engine Control Module is Failing

Your Audi’s onboard computer is responsible for communicating with other control modules as it regulates and controls your car’s various systems. The engine control system (ECM) serves as the main control module that controls engine function. One of the possible reasons why your engine misfires is a failing ECM.

Audi Repair Davie FL

Looking for an Audi Repair Specialist in Davie, FL?

The team of highly skilled and experienced specialists at Eurotech Motorsports is ready to handle problems with suspension, brake repairs, engine issues, and even complete overhauls and restorations. Book an appointment to have your Audi evaluated with our premier diagnostics services.

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