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March 2, 2022

What Are the Signs of Steering Shaft Failure?

Although Land Rovers are one of the most reliable high-end vehicles on the market, its steering shaft isn’t immune to breaking and failing. Since this steering system component allows you to turn the wheel to swerve, make corners, and avoid potholes, you’ll want it to stay in tiptop shape. If you’re experiencing issues with your steering shaft, it’s best to have it checked by someone specializing in Land Rover repair in Davie, FL.

a premium car needing Land Rover Repair in Davie FL

Signs Your Steering Shaft Is Failing

You Hear Unusual Sounds While You’re Turning the Wheel

Your vehicle’s steering system consists of various components that work together to support the weight of your car while allowing it to move in different ways freely. Under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t hear any unusual noise each time you turn your steering wheel.

If you notice clicking, grinding, or squeaking sounds while turning the wheel in the direction you wish to go, you may have a problem with your steering shaft. Unless you resolve this issue right away, you’re compromising your safety on the road.

Your Steering Tilt Function Doesn’t Lock

While you may have free rein of your steering wheel’s control, it always returns to a locked position after you turn it. However, if your steering tilt function doesn’t lock, you may be dealing with a broken seal that allows moisture to penetrate the bearings and lead to issues with your steering shaft. If your vehicle isn’t taken in for inspection, this problem can wreak serious havoc on your steering system.

Your Steering Wheel Doesn’t Return to Center

If all is well with your steering shaft, your steering wheel should always return to the middle after steering it in different directions to make turns. When the steering wheel fails to recenter after turns, a blockage inside the steering column may be preventing it from doing so. Since this problem is a safety risk, it requires the immediate attention of a trusted Land Rover service and repair center.

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Looking for an Expert in Land Rover Repair in Davie, FL?

The team of professionals at Eurotech Motorsports can scope out a Land Rover’s repair issues. Contact us today to schedule your auto service appointment.

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