gas pump Land Rover Repair Davie FL
June 7, 2021

Why Use Premium Gasoline for Land Rover Vehicles?

Whether you’re looking to find answers for questions about Land Rover repair issues in Davie, FL or about the type of gasoline your luxury vehicle needs, it’s always best to do some research. When it comes to choosing the type of fuel, you’ll want to use premium gasoline. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself dealing with a host of preventable issues.

gas pump Land Rover Repair Davie FL

Reasons Why You Should Use Premium Gas for Your Land Rover Vehicle

Land Rovers Require a Higher Octane Rating

It’s important to note that your vehicle’s engine determines the type of gasoline it needs. The interaction between its engine and the gas is affected by the gasoline’s octane level.

Moreover, octane levels vary depending on the type of gas you choose. While unleaded gasoline is lower octane, premium gasoline is higher octane. Since your Land Rover’s engine demands a higher octane rating, use premium gas.

It Helps You Steer Clear of Several Engine Issues

Putting in standard, unleaded gasoline in your vehicle will cause you to experience problems that include engine knocking and a decrease in fuel economy.

  • Engine Knocking

Instead of the smooth rumble coming from your engine, you’ll hear a repetitive knocking noise that only gets louder and faster each time you accelerate. A detonation knock occurs when the air-fuel mixture in your vehicle’s cylinders is detonating in more than one place at a time. Each time these mini fireballs collide, they produce a knocking noise.

  • Decrease in Fuel Economy

Octane refers to the measure of gasoline’s ability to resist the urge to ignite too early in your vehicle’s engine. Using the standard unleaded gas instead of premium gas will cause your vehicle to get less power and less mileage because your engine won’t get maximum work out of the fuel’s ignition value.

gas pump Land Rover Repair Davie FL

Do You Have Land Rover Repair Issues in Davie, FL?

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