where can i get land rover repair in davie fl?
March 5, 2021

Most Common Land Rover Repair Issues

In the world of luxury off-roading machines, the Land Rover is known to be one of the most popular brands. Although this British SUV is specifically designed to traverse treacherous terrains, it still has its own share of flaws over the years. For this reason, countless people who chose to purchase these vehicles have tried looking for qualified experts in Land Rover repair in Davie FL.

where can i get land rover repair in davie fl?

What Are the Most Common Land Rover Repair Issues?

Head Gasket Failure

If you drive a Series I or a Series II Land Rover Discovery SUV, you might have encountered some issues with its head gasket. If a failed head gasket is left unaddressed, this can potentially lead to coolant loss or oil loss, which can cause considerable damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Air Suspension Faults

A vehicle’s air suspension system ensures a smooth ride. Unfortunately, Land Rover owners report that after these SUVs hit the six-year mark, their air suspensions start to sag.

Premature Brake Pad Wear

This problem is commonly experienced by owners of LR4 Discovery Land Rover SUVs. The vehicle’s weight distribution and suspension often cause its brake pad and rotor to wear prematurely. To ensure safe driving, it’s best to replace your SUV’s brake pad every 30,000 miles.

Parking Brake Failure

Do you hear screeching sounds each time you use your Land Rover’s parking brake? This common issue requires a readjustment.

Oil Leaks and Electrical Problems

If you think that spending more than $60,000 for an SUV exempts you from oil leaks and electrical system issues, think again. Aside from head gasket failures, most Land Rover owners also complain about heat core failures and leaking in valve cover gaskets and oil cooler lines after reaching about 60,000 miles.

Steering Shaft Issues

Hearing loud noises while you’re turning the steering wheel is a definitive sign of a malfunctioning steering shaft. Land Rover owners can experience this problem while they’re turning at low speeds.

where can i get land rover repair in davie fl?

Is it Time for Land Rover Repair in Davie FL?

The team of expert mechanics at Eurotech Motorsports specializes in the maintenance, repair, and detailing of European vehicles. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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