Land Rover Problems You Shouldn't Fix at Home
November 1, 2022

Land Rover Problems You Shouldn’t Fix at Home

People regard Land Rovers as a combination of performance and luxury and a must for all-terrain lovers. However, these British gems are not immune to problems that hinder their speed and utility and that may require professional Land Rover repair services in Davie, FL. 

Problems with oil leaks, a failing airbag, or defective steering shafts and parking brakes are not something you should handle at home since they could forever damage how your high-end car works. 

Land Rover best repair serviceDavie FL

Leaking Oil

If your engine screams for fresh oil more than usual or you see oil under your car, there might be an oil leak issue. This problem can stem from a damaged oil seal, oil pan, or engine gasket, ultimately hurting your Land Rover’s performance if a mechanic doesn’t make adjustments. 

Malfunctioning Airbag

The light in your car signaling oil problems may not turn on, but the one showing the airbag doesn’t work might do it instead. Airbags are crucial since they protect you from every terrain your Land Rover encounters, so getting a professional to replace them should be a priority. 

Failing Steering Shaft

Having a working airbag and no problems with your oil is not enough since a defective steering shaft can also damage your Land Rover. If your steering tilt function doesn’t lock or if the steering wheel doesn’t go back to the center, you should let a mechanic in Davie, FL, take a look to check for any broken seals or steering column blockages. 

Faulty Parking Brakes

If your steering shaft shows no signs of failing, faulty parking brakes can also give you a hard time. Hearing screeching sounds when you use your emergency brake or seeing that your Land Rover doesn’t stay in place after parking are clear warnings that you should pay a visit to a professional mechanic. 

Land Rover best repair serviceDavie FL

Looking for Top-Quality Land Rover Repair Services in Davie, FL?

Our expert team at Eurotech Motorsports is ready to fix oil leaks, non-working airbags, faulty steering shafts, and damaged parking brakes. Contact us today to make an appointment and get the repair services your Land Rover needs. 

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