BMW Performance Shop Davie FL
July 15, 2021

Tips and Tricks To Improve Your BMW Performance 

If you love luxurious cars that feature impeccable engineering standards and impressive performance, then you’re probably a BMW enthusiast. Although several aspects of vehicle engineering make these cars stand out in the industry, simple maintenance procedures can keep them performing at their best. However, if you want to increase the power of your high-end sports car, you may want to consider a few tricks or drive it to a reliable BMW performance shop in Davie FL. 

BMW Performance Shop Davie FL

What You Can Do to Improve Your BMW Performance

Regular Tune-Ups

Before you plan on investing in performance-enhancing parts, you must prioritize long-term ongoing vehicle care. Unless your BMW’s basic needs are addressed, any kind of upgrade is useless. You have to make sure that your car gets regular oil changes, fluid flushes, and tire rotations to ensure its impressive power and overall health.   

Altered Exhaust and Intake Systems

Your BMW’s exhaust systems can have a massive impact on your BMW’s power production. Although these systems are originally installed to minimize engine noise and reduce engine emissions, they can also sacrifice your vehicle’s power. Deciding to upgrade your car’s exhaust system will create a more free-flowing and effective output as it decreases or extinguishes backpressure. 

An adequately altered exhaust system is typically installed with an upgraded air intake system. Altered intakes generate more power by using thicker air from outside the engine partition. As a result, they decrease the temperature of the air that’s been taken in while increasing your vehicle’s performance at higher RPMs and improving its throttle response. 

Keep in mind that this type of modification isn’t based on a one-size-fits-all approach. For this reason, it’s important to note that upgrades must be specific to your BMW model. 

Fuel Injection

You can choose to replace your car’s fuel injectors with more efficient ones to achieve high-impact results. Your engine can have a more effective ratio of fuel to air in its combustion process if you use slightly larger fuel injectors that have a higher competence.  

BMW Performance Shop Davie FL

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